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17 April 2020 | par Hôtel Levesque

Since we are going through this global crisis together, you can count on us to focus on the safety of our clients, partners and community. Like everybody around the world, we are currently doing our best to adapt ourselves to this unprecedented situation that constantly changes. Therefore, we chose to send this message only after we gathered all the right information.

Travel Peacefully 

Since we want our clients to enjoy a peaceful stay at our hotel, we are closely following every advice given by medical and governmental authorities. Thereby, we implemented a rigorous health protocol to ensure your safety and well-being during the pandemic. These measures include:

  • Occupation limit: one empty room between every booked room, in order to respect the social distancing rules.
  • 4-day delay (96 hours) before a room is available again for booking.
  • Limited access to the reception halls and rooms and formal recommendations to ensure social distancing between people.
  • Reinforcement of disinfection protocols in every public area to ensure exemplary sanitary conditions.
  • Implementation of additional hygiene measures, including more hand sanitizer distributors in the halls.
  • Frequent updates on our health instructions and information sessions to understand our management and monitoring procedures to ensure the safety of our staff and clients.


Of course, we ask all travellers to follow public health organization demands during their stay. For more information, please contact us at or at 1-800-463-1236. 

Finally, we want to thank our clients, partners, government authorities and health care workers. Our industry has never faced such a challenge before, but we know our team spirit and involvement have never been so strong. Take care and be safe.

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